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支付上述費用後,我們將聯繫貴子女入讀的學校,確認 Attentus 受委託



為了讓貴子女在抵達英國前做好充分準備,Attentus 區域經理將聯絡你,了解貴子女的行程及住宿安排。









  • A dedicated coordinator from Attentus assumes the guardianship responsibilities for your child. As the appointed guardian and the coordinator will be the primary point of contact between the schools, host families, and parents. They will ensure your child's welfare and academic progress are closely monitored and supported throughout their stay in the UK.  

  • No, during Half Term breaks and Exeat weekends, your child will not stay with Attentus staff but with carefully selected host families. Attentus provides a vetted list of host family options, assisting you and your child in choosing a comfortable and secure home environment. We ensure all host families meet our strict safety and quality standards to provide a supportive living situation for your child.

  • No, the host family is not considered your child's guardian. While the host family provides a safe and nurturing living environment for your child during their stay, the guardianship responsibility remains with a representative from Attentus. The Regional Manager from Attentus is responsible for overseeing your child's overall welfare and acting as the main point of contact between the school, homestay families, and you as parents. The host family's role is primarily residential and supportive, ensuring your child's daily needs are met and that they have a comfortable home life while studying in the UK.

  • Yes, Attentus actively involves parents in the process of selecting a suitable host family for their child. We provide detailed profiles of potential host families, including their background, home environment, and previous experience hosting students. This allows you to make an informed decision that best suits your child's needs and preferences. Throughout the selection process, Attentus ensures transparency and provides guidance to help you find the best match, ensuring a welcoming and supportive homestay experience for your child.

  • Attentus selects our host families through a rigorous process. We conduct thorough background checks, including DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks, and regular home inspections to ensure that all environments are conducive to students' well-being and academic success.

  • Attentus uses a personalised approach to match each student with a host family, considering factors like language preferences, dietary needs, and interests. We gather this information through detailed questionnaires and discussions with students and their families. 

  • Most host families, in collaboration with Attentus and Host International, accommodate up to three individual students due to the typical availability of spare rooms. To ensure privacy and comfort, each student is provided with their own room, and no student is required to share a room with strangers. This setup helps maintain a comfortable and personal living environment for each student.

  • We strive to accommodate requests for school friends to stay with the same host family whenever possible. However, due to room availability and existing placements, we cannot guarantee that all such requests can be met. We recommend discussing your preferences early in the placement process to increase the likelihood of accommodating such arrangements.

  • We aim to place students with host families located within a 45-60 minute drive from the school or city centre. This ensures that students can commute reasonably while still enjoying a homely and supportive environment. The exact distance can vary depending on traffic and public transport options available in the area.

  • You and your child will receive the Attentus 24-hour emergency contact details upon their arrival in the UK. We also provide the school with our contact information. In the majority of situations, resolving any issues can be achieved through telephone communication. However, in the event of a suspension or a medical emergency, we will actively collaborate with you and the school until the matter is resolved.

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